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April 2016

Webcast: Next-generation Industrial HMIs

The evolving sophistication of human-machine interface (HMI) software requires maintaining compatibility with applications created in previous software versions. System integrators and end users are faced with choices such as upgrading the operating system and HMI software versus selecting a new HMI software vendor. Tablets and smartphones are emerging as a next-generation HMI platform as plant connectivity becomes more pervasive. Many HMI software packages allow remote maintenance, troubleshooting, or even visualization of the application. In the era of the Internet of Things (IoT), data and connectivity reign supreme, and updating a human-machine interface (HMI) platform can augment information flow.

January 2016

Industrial cyber security: It’s best to learn from the mistakes of others

When we don’t learn from past mistakes, we are forced to repeat them, and true to form, it has happened again. An outsourced IT department–unaware of the manufacturing elements of IT–recently shutdown production in a multi-billion dollar manufacturing company.

January 2016

The long goodbye to Microsoft Windows XP Embedded | Control

Microsoft’s extended support for Windows XP Embedded ended on January 12, 2016, and those using the system after the expiration date need to take stock of their situation with a complete system inventory to assess the systems’ support availability and where upgrades are really needed.

March 2016

Why manufacturing software should be tested before updates ….

The way Microsoft is updating its Microsoft Windows 10 operating system, the ball is out of the user’s court. Instead, Microsoft has installed an automated ball machine that fires when it wants, even if the user isn’t ready. This new update scheme may wreak havoc for many mission-critical systems. Read this to know “why I should test&

April 2016

Manufacturing organizations need a succession plan | Control

Manufacturing companies need to have more than one engineer who can bridge the gap between automation and information technology (IT) to keep things moving smoothly in case that one engineer departs.

April 2016

Manufacturing software development: Bigger is not always better

More lines of code in a software development project do not mean that a project will be successful; there is more to effective software development than just a sophisticated programming package. Software tools without proper programming training for the right people only lead to major headaches down the road for everyone.

May 2016

Smart manufacturing is not a thing; it’s a convergence of things

Smart manufacturing is a convergence of capabilities from multiple areas to enhance productivity. Smart manufacturing is where smart business processes converge with smart operational processes, smart equipment, and smart product definitions.

April 2015

If you cannot afford an Einstein to protect the network, try a canary

By using what is known as a “canary,” companies can take an active defense against cyber attackers. The canary will alert IT when there have been changes to the system and actions can be taken to shore up the system and block the attackers. The time between system compromise and detection is more than seven months, too long to know that the manufacturing IT system has been hacked.

November 2012

When enough is enough, please just stop | Control Engineering

Knowing when to stop a software project is among the most difficult things to do in manufacturing IT or with control software; no one wants to be associated with failure. Yet ignoring obvious evidence will just make it worse. Here how to know if it is time to stop, reboot, or restart.

April 2015

Get ready for big data by getting the architecture right | Control

Managing big data can be an issue for many manufacturers and other companies with a strong online presence that needs to be integrated into production facilities. This is easier when multi-threaded applications are introduced to the system. Use these architectures and open-source technologies used by Amazon and others to improve big data gathering and analysis.

February 2013

Advanced process control in the cloud | Control Engineering

When considering which applications to move to the cloud to reduce costs, consider moving advanced process control (APC) model building and APC model validation tools—usually lightly used and usually not mission critical. Learn three types of cloud-based services.

October 2011

Engineering and IT Insight: MES vs. ERP for manufacturing

Can‚t we just use our enterprise resource planning (ERP) system instead of buying a manufacturing execution system (MES) system? The answer isn’t as obvious as the question.

December 2014

MES or batch: What is the best answer? | Control Engineering
Should an application use a manufacturing execution system or will batch software suffice? A small set of decision points can determine the most commonly used models for selection or integration of ISA 88 batch execution systems and ISA 95 manufacturing operations management (MOM) systems. Ask these questions to decide. The ISA 95 Technical Report TR95.02 – Integrating ISA 88 and ISA 95 workflows can help.

August 2014

Developing good coding habits | Control Engineering

Good coding habits reduce errors, save time, and can help you become a better control system programmer. These simple habits may seem to add extra work, but they actually reduce the overall time to code and debug control programs.