Plant IT: Integrating Information Technology into Automated Manufacturing

Momentum Press, December 2012, ISBM-13: 978-1-60650-431-4


Plant IT: Integrating Information Technology into Automated Manufacturing

Author:Dennis Brandl

Publisher: Momentum Press. Also available on

Information Technology (IT) is an important element of plant floor operations and Dennis Brandl’s monthly column on Manufacturing IT in Control Engineering magazine covers IT aspects that are critical to modern manufacturing. This book expands on the magazine’s explanations of the concepts and tools needed to achieve higher manufacturing productivity and efficiencies. Written for manufacturing professionals, the book overviews the wide range of IT elements underlying the manufacturing IT environment. It provides you with the information to be conversant in IT elements and to effectively manage and participate in manufacturing IT projects.

Each chapter of the book discusses an IT issue that is important to a manufacturing company, including practical programming, real-world design considerations, databases and master data management, knowledge management, tools and programming languages, cyber security, managing resource information and regulations. And because software engineering is a foundation for all IT elements, this book also provides important points about software engineering and software project management for non-software engineers who must manage or participate in IT projects. Familiarity with all these topics will help you facilitate cooperation between manufacturing and IT professionals to achieve more effective implementations of plant floor operations IT— resulting in increased production productivity and product quality.

Design Patterns for Flexible Manufacturing

ISA, 2006, ISBN 978-1-55617-998-3

Design Patterns

Author: /Dennis Brandl

ISBN/ID: 978-1-55617-998-3

Publisher: ISA. Also available on

This handy resource defines an effective set of design patterns and rules you should know when applying the widely used ISA-88 industry standards to batch manufacturing (called the S88 design pattern) and continuous and discrete manufacturing (called the NS88 design pattern for non-stop production).
Automation and Dennis Brandl, was the chairman of the ISA88 committee, and developed these patterns and subsequent rules while applying the batch series in several projects. This book clearly identifies what elements are defined in the batch series and what elements make up the S88 and NS88 design patterns for flexible manufacturing.

The book defines design patterns for control system programming, providing patterns for the organization of programmable logic controller (PLC), digital control system (DCS), and other control system application code. Whether you are in a batch, continuous, or discrete manufacturing environment, these design patterns can be applied to a wide range of production systems, making systems easier to design and implement.