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"IT & Engineering Insight" in Control Engineering

Dennis Brandl examines the evolving intersection of controls and IT in the Control Engineering column, “IT & Engineering Insight.” For more on these topics, search at the top any page at, or click the links below:

Your personal downturn plan

Date: Jun 1, 2008

What business can learn from manufacturing

Date: May 1, 2008

Enterprise search creates role of content manager

Date: Apr 1, 2008

'Low-tech' IT solution for paperwork

Date: Mar 1, 2008

Mathematics of information

Date: Jan 1, 2008

Equipment – what's in a name?

Date: Oct 1, 2007

Let’s put information back in IT

Date: Sep 1, 2007

SOA explained

Date: Aug 1, 2007

Virtualization: Playing well with others

Date: Jun 1, 2006

RFID impacts automation

Date: Jan 1, 2005

Know your control project IT scope

Date: Jul 1, 2004

And many more can be located here:  Dennis Brandl in Control Engineering